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A culinary journey through the flavors of South India and Italy

Garden restaurant, South/North Indian, Kenyan, Continental, Koroga, Sports Bar & Italian Pizzeria
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About Us

Hungers Nest Family Restaurant and Bar is an exquisite outdoor garden restaurant. The restaurant offers a unique combination of features, including a firewood Italian pizzeria, a sports bar with large screens, a conference facility, party amenities, and koroga facilities. It focuses on South Indian, Kenyan, and Continental cuisines, along with a specialization in South Indian cuisine. 

Hungers Nest is the go-to destination for dining, entertainment, and events in Nairobi.

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Key Features and Offerings

Outdoor Garden Restaurant

Hungers Nest boasts a stunning outdoor garden setting that provides a charming and serene ambiance for guests. With comfortable seating, beautiful landscaping, and atmospheric lighting, it offers an inviting and relaxed dining experience.

Firewood Italian Pizzeria

The restaurant features a dedicated pizzeria equipped with firewood ovens, ensuring authentic Italian pizzas with a delightful smoky flavor. This unique offering will attract pizza enthusiasts seeking high-quality and flavorful options.

Koroga Facilities

Recognizing the popularity of the koroga tradition in Nairobi, Hungers Nest incorporates dedicated facilities for guests to engage in this interactive and enjoyable cooking experience.

Conference and Party Facilities

With a dedicated conference facility, Hungers Nest provides an ideal venue for business meetings, seminars, and corporate events. Additionally, the restaurant offers party facilities, enabling guests to host private celebrations, such as birthdays and anniversaries, in a personalized and stylish setting.

Sports Bar with Large Screens

Hungers Nest includes a well-designed sports bar equipped with large screens, creating an energetic space for patrons to enjoy live sports events. The bar offers an extensive selection of beverages, including local and international beers, spirits, and creative cocktails.

Culinary Specialization

Hungers Nest showcases a diverse menu featuring Indian, Kenyan, and Continental cuisines, with a specialization in authentic South Indian dishes. This culinary focus sets the restaurant apart, appealing to both local diners and international visitors seeking a unique and elevated dining experience. Market Potential and Competitive Advantage:


what our customers say about us

Super ambiance, with extended space for get together. Firewood pizza and large space for karogas makes it more stunning. Barbecue facility in karogas makes it more attractive. The best part is each and every item has its own taste and masalas, not pre-prepared ones. Using traditional ways of making masalas gives peace for stomach and taste for mouth also 10/10 recommended for anyone. Keep it forever without doing adulteration later. Best wishes
Gireesh Nair