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Hungers Nest Family Restaurant and Bar is an exquisite outdoor garden restaurant. The restaurant offers a unique combination of features, including a firewood Italian pizzeria, a sports bar with large screens, a conference facility, party amenities, and koroga facilities. It focuses on Indian, Kenyan, and Continental cuisines, along with a specialization in South Indian cuisine. Hungers Nest is the go-to destination for dining, entertainment, and events in Nairobi.
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Westlands, Nairobi, is a thriving mixed-use neighborhood known for its high-income residential areas, commercial centers, and vibrant social scene. Hungers Nest’s prime location positions it to attract a steady flow of customers from the local community and nearby affluent areas.
Nairobi’s food and hospitality industry is experiencing significant growth, with a rising demand for diverse culinary experiences. Hungers Nest meets this demand by offering a blend of Indian, Kenyan, and Continental flavors, with a specialized focus on South Indian cuisine.
The combination of a firewood Italian pizzeria, sports bar, conference and party facilities, along with dedicated koroga facilities, provides a multifaceted offering that caters to various customer preferences and occasions. This unique combination gives Hungers Nest a competitive advantage in the market.


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We are Bangladeshi and arranged here two programs one in old langata location and another one in new location at Rhapta road. Their behaviour and food quality are superb. Our community liked the food. The ambience is nice and recommended. Best wishes for them to prosper and shine.
Anjan Das